Estética Dental

Dentètic It is a dental clinic with a great career in Barcelona. Directed and coordinated by the experience of Doctora Rasero, The patient is offered an innovative way of going to the dentist with maximum guarantees and a completely personalized service.

The aim of Detètic through its 2 centers is to provide a service of high quality dentistry to that achievable for all public, with the highest quality and at affordable rates. We are concerned about your finances and think your savings: pide presupuesto gratuito sin compromiso.

The dental space Dentètic is designed thinking by and for our patients, from the facilities to the furniture, ambient light, music and, of course, the most innovative appliances and the latest treatments, with the sole purpose of satisfy and give solution to your dental problems.

Our own Dentétic centers are designed thinking by and for you and with the guarantee and experience of Dr. Squeegee. You are welcome.

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